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Our In-Person Consulting program is designed to kick-start growth! Our daily visits will provide you with an in-depth assessment of your Service Department and establish a trajectory for development centered around a basic tenet: A Good Process Produces Good Results!

Once our visit is scheduled, we'll conduct preliminary video conferences with you and your staff to learn about your processes and individual responsibilities. We'll also establish goals for both the visit and your Service Department's future.

Together, we'll create a weekly scorecard to easily track the department's growth. 

While onsite we'll use your scorecard as the focal point Consulting time can be allocated at your discretion, allowing any of your team members to benefit from our visit. 

One common use for our daily visits is Field Training. Our pre-designed training presentations are tailored for the everyday work experienced by your Service Department and are designed to be kept for future use as your company grows. We can even examine your existing training program and customize a plan just for your company.

Following our visit, we'll conduct a remote Post-Visit Recap to review what was accomplished during our visit, review goals that were set during the pre-visit meetings and tailor a plan for the department's growth.

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