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These are a few of the several scenarios which are perfectly resolved by Our On-Demand Estimating program!

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Has your company’s backlog of requested estimates increased with a recent weather event?

Or, has a departing estimator left your Service Department overwhelmed?

Perhaps your current estimating team is too busy to get to the upsells from leaks.

Proposals are sold in small units to keep commitment concerns down and efficiency high. Most proposals cost $300! Simply send us the project details and you’ll have a proposal back within 48 hours (commonly less!)

Our On-Demand Estimating program is capable of being SELF-FUNDING! With the low unit cost of each proposal, you can simply build program fee back into most service-related scopes of work without any concern of losing a job!

Proposals are created in MS Office with your logo and contact information so you can seamlessly submit them to your customer. With each proposal is a Pricing Calculation Table detailing every material used and every hour consumed! As an added bonus the Pricing Calculation Table will double as a “Pick Sheet” for your crews; expediting service will grow your department's margins!



1.   Your staff collects the needed information needed to create a scope of work & as listed on our easy-to-use Estimate Requested form (i.e., building information, customer information, measurements, quantities, pictures, etc.…)

2.   Your staff emails us the scope of work information which is then evaluated by our estimating staff for accuracy and thoroughness.

a.   We will work with your staff to ensure that all the details are accurately captured. Our goal is to confirm both your customer and your Service Department receive a winning scope of work!

3.   Once the scope of work information is solidified, we assemble the scope of work information into a simple proposal with pictures and our Pricing Calculation Table.

4.   We email your staff both the Proposal and Pricing Calculation Table. Simply confirm pricing (as estimators, we ALWAYS double-check our work 😉) and present the proposal to your customer for approval!

a.   Our estimating staff is easily reached electronically should a member of your staff ever have a question about one of your Proposals or Pricing Calculation Table.

On-Deman Estimating SOP

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