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Experience evolutionary growth with our Intensive Contractor Visits consulting program, a cornerstone of Service First Solutions' success. This two-day engagement is designed to provide an in-depth transformation of your Service Department, setting the stage for unparalleled development.


At the heart of our program is the irreplaceable value of one-on-one communication. In an era dominated by digital interactions, the unique warmth and understanding achieved through in-person collaboration stand unmatched. Our consultants bring not just expertise but a personal touch, ensuring every nuance of your department's needs is addressed.

Before our boots hit the ground, we engage in preliminary video conferences to align on goals, understand your processes, and establish a roadmap. This ensures our on-site time is maximally effective, focusing on implementing and refining strategies with the aid of a custom weekly scorecard.

A Testimonial That Speaks Volumes

Hear from Peter Chaffee of Chaffee Industrial Roofing: "Since the Intensive Contractor Visit by Service First Solutions in August 2023, we at Chaffee Industrial Roofing have grown our Roof Maintenance Department from 2 1/2 to 5 1/2 crews, and we're nearing the addition of a sixth. This growth has been supported by a shift from a paper-based system to Dataforma, improving our scheduling, tracking, and efficiency significantly. The expertise from Service First Solutions has been pivotal in enhancing our response times, documentation, and invoicing, marking a huge success for us."

Our commitment doesn't end with the visit. We continue to support your growth through remote Post-Visit Recaps, reviewing accomplishments, reassessing goals, and fine-tuning the plan for your department's advancement.

Ready for Transformational Growth?

If you're seeking a partnership that brings expert knowledge and a personal touch to every interaction, our Intensive Contractor Visits are your solution. Submit your details through our 'Contact Us' form below, and we'll reach out to schedule your initial consultation. Let's bring the power of human connection back to consultancy and pave the way for your Service Department's success.


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