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We build GREAT Service Departments! We believe this is accomplished by creating processes that are documented, routinely training staff members, specializing in roles within the department, and most importantly, placing the customer first. With our Total Access Consulting program, you'll have unlimited resources to develop your department's roadmap to success!

Unlimited remote access to Tracey and his team for consulting and training at your discretion.


Together, we'll create a weekly scorecard to easily track the department's growth. We'll review these together to identify strengths and weaknesses.

This includes your staff! We'll virtually meet with any member of your staff to discuss current procedures and work with them as new processes are implemented. We teach what we believe, and at our core is a belief that great Service Departments place the customer at the focal point of all decisions.

In addition to a customized training plan, we will help your company identify and implement the which CRM & Work Order software that will be most compatible with your company's process and vision. There are several great choices in the market and they each bring a unique aspect or functionality to the table. 

You'll also have unlimited access to Service First Solutions' Digital Desk, our stockpile of technician and warehousing forms, SOPs for every role in a Service Department, field training presentations, and marketing tools.

Plus, discounts on our In-Person Consulting and One-Time Digital Purchases

The only limited aspect of the Total Access Consulting program is the number of clients. The number of clients enrolled in the program is capped annually to allow for ample scheduling. 

Unlimited access to the Digital Desk, our stockpile of forms, reports, SOPs, templates, and marketing tools all designed to help you grow and manage your department.

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