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At Service First Solutions, we are committed to transforming good service departments into GREAT ones. This journey to excellence is paved by establishing robust processes, ongoing staff training, role specialization, and, above all, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Join our Total Access Consulting program and unlock a treasure trove of resources to chart your department's path to success. With Total Access, you gain unfettered remote access to Tracey and his expert team, ready to offer bespoke consulting and training tailored to your unique needs.


What's New:

In our continuous effort to provide unparalleled value, we're excited to introduce an exceptional enhancement to the Total Access Consulting program. Enrollment now includes our esteemed Intensive Contractor Visits service – a deep dive, two-day on-site collaboration that builds upon our remote consultations. This addition is born from our recognition of the transformative power of face-to-face interactions, enabling us to apply and refine strategies in real-time, within your own operational environment.


With Total Access Consulting, you can expect:

A Weekly Scorecard: Monitor your department's progress with ease, identifying opportunities and areas for improvement.

Comprehensive Staff Engagement: From front-line technicians to management, we engage with your team to refine procedures and integrate new processes, all through virtual meetings.

Customized Training & Software Solutions: Tailored training plans coupled with guidance on selecting the CRM & Work Order software that aligns with your vision.

Exclusive Resources: Gain access to the Digital Desk, a comprehensive repository of essential documents, SOPs, training materials, and marketing tools designed to streamline your operations.

Valuable Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts on our in-person consulting services and digital products.


But don't just take our word for it. Madison Smith from AAA Roofing shares, “I am happy to report that after working with Service First Solutions for approximately 18 months, our YTD Service revenue is up 71%. Working with Tracey has been a great investment!


Similarly, Jim King from Standard Roofing remarks, “Service First Solutions brought a wealth of knowledge, not just about service, but also how to best utilize DataForma to meet our company’s needs. Tracey is a DataForma master, providing practical tips, forms, and advice that helped our company double our service department last year.


Get Started:

Are you ready to transform your service department and achieve remarkable growth? Submit your contact information below, and we'll reach out to schedule an initial remote video call consultation. Discover how Total Access Consulting, now enhanced with our Intensive Contractor Visits, can elevate your service department to new heights of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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