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"Since the Intensive Contractor Visit by Service First Solutions in August 2023, we at Chaffee Industrial Roofing have grown our Roof Maintenance Department from 2 1/2 to 5 1/2 crews, and we're nearing the addition of a sixth. This growth has been supported by a shift from a paper-based system to Dataforma, improving our scheduling, tracking, and efficiency significantly. The expertise from Service First Solutions has been pivotal in enhancing our response times, documentation, and invoicing, marking a huge success for us."

Peter Chaffee

Chaffee Industrial Roofing

Service Focused Peer Groups

“Although we are in the first year of this program, I can already see the benefits. Within the first 6 months we have improved our service department faster than we have in the last 6 years. The group consists of likeminded people in the same position working towards the same goals along with helpful guidance from Tracey. The benefits of being a part of this group are incalculable.”

Kevin Petersen

Carlson Racine Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.


"Service First Solutions helped us clean up and optimize our Dataforma database which alone really enabled our company’s Service Department to stand out in our market. Additionally, they were available for assistance both before and after the visit and even had suggestions for everything we needed to keep growing the department."

Dave Ferguson  

CD Strong Construction


“I knew Tracey would get it done right. I knew that I could count on you every time, and if I didn’t see you, I knew you would hire the right people to be there in your place. You were consistent, you were reliable, and you gave me the reassurance that you valued your customers.”

Doug Johnson

Hillwood Properties


“I am happy to report that after working with Service First Solutions for approximately 18 months our YTD Service revenue is up 71%. I stand behind our choice, working with Tracey has been a great investment!”

Madison Smith

AAA Roofing


“There were times I needed more or needed to understand it better, and Tracey never hesitated to find a way to fit it in his schedule to either get to the office and draw it on a whiteboard and explain it or get out to the property and get on a roof with me.”

Jeff Paschal

Hudson Peters Commercial


“Service First Solutions is a great asset to Dataforma customers, providing more than just expertise in the DF system, helping contractors with all aspects of their service departments (personnel, repair techniques, equipment, trucks, and GROWTH!!!)”

Daryl Maronic

Dataforma, Inc.


“Service First Solutions brought a wealth of knowledge, not just about service, but also how to best utilize DataForma to meet our company’s needs. Tracey is a DataForma master and provided practical tips, forms, and advice that helped our company double our service department this last year.”

Jim King

Standard Roofing


"Big THANK YOU to both of you for your help! We got 5 PO's for repair work at GM this week! You literally saved me hours if not days that I didn't have available to get this processed and turned in. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a lot more to come! Have a great night! Great Working with you both!"

Lynn Price

Dryspace, Inc.

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