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Service First Solutions is about helping new and existing roofing companies improve their service departments and their technological capabilities. The Service Department has the ability to be the most profitable work a company can do while also leading to larger projects in the future. My training will provide customer-centric, repeatable processes that will allow companies to build on their great reputations. ​

Before creating Service First Solutions, I spent fifteen years in the Service department at KPost Roofing & Waterproofing. During my tenure, the Service department grew from $800,000 in annual sales to $8.5 million with GPM of 65%. As vice-president of Service, I focused on improving our efficiency, our communication, and our productivity. Now I want to help other companies do the same.​


When I am not hard at work, I am at home with my wife of sixteen years, our two beautiful daughters, and our (her) five rescue dogs. As graduates of the University of Iowa, we are dedicated Hawkeyes who have found a new home in the heart of Texas.

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