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Repair and Maintenance

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This spreadsheet file is easily uploaded to several common CRM & Work Order programs. You can start producing professionally written proposals and invoices within minutes!


With over 600 library items your Service Department will consistently create documentation that impresses your customers while saving team members hours. 

The soft cost savings experienced in the office can be extended to the field if your Service Department utilizes mobile-based software.

Our Library is even suitable for companies who are currently operating without a CRM or Work Order program. Proficient MS Office users can easily sort & search and copy & paste into their invoices and proposals. 

Service Flashings
Unit Pricing Guide 

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We can all imagine the benefits of an easy-to-use pricing guide for retrofitted flashings in the Service Department. But what stops us? From our personal experiences as contractors and from conversations with other contractors over the years the variety of reasons can be sourced back to two thoughts: time and longevity. Unit Pricing Guides can take countless hours to complete and once finished the hours can seem wasted with fluctuating prices. If the vision of wasted time wasn’t enough to deter just about anyone, the thought of a team member quoting a project from an out-of-date pricing guide is nearly certain to discourage them. 

Our Service Flashings Unit Pricing Guide eliminates all the doubt and discouragement for you and is ready to go from the point of sale. Our Unit Pricing Guide centralizes all the material pricing, labor rates and margin calculations to a singular worksheet. You’ll never update the price of cement, primer, or membrane, in more than one place again. Do you need to bump or edge the margin slightly for this job? No Problem! All Flashings have two margin points which be keyed in at your discretion. All values entered on the Cost Index Worksheet are funneled back to all the roof flashings commonly retrofitted across all the major roof systems. With this purchase, you buy back those countless hours needed for this task and can now be invested in another huge project.

Your Estimating and Sales Team will have an easy way to quickly deliver pricing on these desirable work orders. We’ve all been asked for curb pricing the day before by a mechanical contractor and our Unit Pricing Guide will make those conversations easy. Your Operations team will be provided a simple way to ensure current material pricing and labor costs are being factored in the pricing out on the street. Now the worry of how long your Unit Pricing Guide vanishes and you have the peace of mind provided by a tool that you know will be both viable and profitable for years to come. 

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