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Our Peer Group program brings together small, fixed groups of non-competing roofing professionals who all have roles in their Service Departments with the purpose of fine-tuning their departments and achieving goals ahead of schedule!

Peer Group Members meet in-person three times a year and remotely each month. The in-person meetings will be eight working hours while the remote meetings will be two hours. The guided meetings will follow an EOS-style agenda; the context to build from one meeting to the next.

We believe the best environments to exchange ideas are ones that are organic and stress-free, which is why your Group’s Service First Solutions Host will keep the discussion "out of the weeds" but also remain an observer unless the discussion stalls. All pre- and post-meeting organization is also handled by Service First Solutions.

Technology is a constantly evolving aspect of every business and roofing is no exception. This is why Service First Solutions created a subset of the Peer Group program EXCLUSIVELY for Dataforma Users!

These Groups enlist only Datafroma users enabling a deeper discussion into the integration of software both in the office and in the field! Whether you're the company's Super-User or an up & coming member of the Service Department, our Peer Group program will make increase your proficiency!

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